DETOURS Professional Guide Team

By definition, a tour guide interprets the cultural and natural heritage of an area-specific location. DETOURS professional guides go beyond the standard practice of knowing their immediate area and are intimately familiar with other tour destinations throughout the American West. With a wide knowledge base and the personal experience of touring to these destinations, our professional guides take great pride in showcasing the amazing destinations throughout the American West. Some of the best viewpoints or unique local experiences cannot be read about from a travel book and it is our intention to facilitate these highly personal experiences during your guided tour.  

DETOURS tour guides come from a varying array of backgrounds including teachers, archaeologist, historians and adventure guides but they all have one thing in common: a passion for travel and exploration. In total, our guides have amassed over a hundred years of professional guiding experience ensuring you and your guests the most a first class (and fun!) personal guided experience. Through continuous training and ever expanding knowledge, our guides go above and beyond making the most of every destination. Simply put - DETOURS guides are the best of the best!


Tour Feedback

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Jason G. - DETOURS Guide


Guiding Since: 2006



Top Places To Visit: Jerome, Superstition Mountains


Les G. - DETOURS Guide


Guiding Since: 1995



Top Place To Visit: Grand Canyon


Robert H. - DETOURS Guide

Robert H.

Guiding Since: 2015



Top Place To Visit: Colorado Plateau


Dan C. - DETOURS Guide


Guiding Since 1998



Top Place To Visit: Yellowstone National Park


Rob M. - DETOURS Guide

Robert M.

Guiding Since: 2002



Top Places To Visit: Anywhere and everywhere in Arizona!


Mark S. - DETOURS Guide

Mark S.

Guiding Since: 2014



Top Places To Visit: Phoenix/Scottsdale


John M. - DETOURS Guide


Guiding Since: 2013



Top Place To Visit: Grand Canyon & Pinetop 


Michael B. - DETOURS Guide


Guiding Since: 2004



Top Places To Visit: Canyonlands, Sierra Nevada high country


Donovan H. - DETOURS Guide

Donovan H.

Guiding Since: 2014



Top Place To Visit: Four Corners


Don S. - DETOURS Guide

Don S.

Guiding Since: 2006



Top Place To Visit: Sedona


Charlie W. - DETOURS Guide


Guiding Since: 2005



Top Places To Visit: Yosemite National Park, Crater Lake


Johannes R. - DETOURS Guide


Guiding Since: 2000



Top Places To Visit: Antelope Canyon, Bryce and Zion National Park


Montana M. - DETOURS Guide

Montana M.

Guiding Since: 2008



Top Place To Visit: Apache Trail



Guiding Since: 2012



Top Place To Visit: Bryce Canyon


Robert B. - DETOURS Guide

Robert B.

Guiding Since: 2012



Top Places To Visit: Grand Canyon North Rim, Palm Canyon


Kerrick J. - DETOURS Guide


Guiding Since: 2012



Top Place To Visit: Horseshoe Bend


Bruce G. - DETOURS Guide


Guiding Since: 2012



Top Place To Visit: Zion National Park


Paul S. - DETOURS Guide


Guiding Since: 1989



Top Place To Visit: Bryce Canyon National Park


Jason M. - DETOURS Guide


Guiding Since: 2014



Top Places To Visit: Anywhere in Arizona, Southern Utah


Memo A. - DETOURS Guide

Memo A.

Guiding Since: 2010



Top Places To Visit: Tombstone